’15 Years of Thinkspace’ Marks Gallery Anniversary With 70+ Artists

Sandra Chevrier

For its “15 Years of Thinkspace” show, Thinkspace Projects asked more than 70 artists to craft works on 15″x15″ panels. Among the featured artists are several veterans of our print magazine, including Cintal Vidal (Vol. 51), Jeremy Geddes (Vol. 15), Mark Dean Veca (Vol. 23), Yosuke Ueno (Vol.10), Laura Berger (Vol. 44), and several others. (See the complete list of artists below.) The show kicks off on Jan. 11 and runs through Jan. 25.

Cinta Vidal



Fintan Magee

Huntz Liu

Artist list: Aaron Nagel, Adam Caldwell, ADOR, Alex Garant, Allison Simmers, Alvaro Naddeo, Amy Sol, Andrew Hem, Anthony Clarkson, Brendan Monroe, Brian Mashburn, Brian Viveros, Bumblebeelovesyou, Carlos Ramirez, Casey Weldon, Cinta Vidal, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Dalek, David Cooley, DULK, ERMSY, Fintan Magee, Frank Gonzales Fuco Ueda, Giorgiko, Hilda Palafox (aka Poni) ,Huntz Liu, Jacub Gagnon, James Bullough, Jeremy Geddes, Jolene Lai, Josie Morway, Kaili Smith, Kathy Ager, Kayla Mahaffey, Kelly Vivanco, Ken Flewellyn, Kevin Peterson, Kisung Koh Kobusher, Laura Berger, Leon Keer, Linsey Levendall, Lisa Ericson, Liz Brizzi, Lonac, Marco Mazzoni, Mark Dean Veca, Matthew Grabelsky, Max Sansing, Meggs, Michael Reeder, Nosego, Nuno Viegas, The Perez Bros, PREF, Roby Dwi Antono, Roos van der Vliet, Sandra Chevrier, Sarah Joncas, Scott Listfield, Sean Mahan, Seth Armstrong, Spenser Little, Stella Im Hultberg Stephanie Buer, Super A, Telmo Miel, Tran Nguyen, Wiley Wallace, and Yosuke Ueno.

Find more on Thinkspace’s site.

Jeremy Geddes

Kathy Ager

Kayla Mahaffey

Laura Berger

Mark Dean Veca

Nuno Viegas

Sarah Joncas

Scott Listfield

Sean Mahan

Yosuke Ueno

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